Who we are

We are team of experts for acid regeneration plants and the pickling process and developed a process for the total recovery of mixed acids from stainless steel pickling. With this new process we offer tailor made solutions for your company to lower your operation costs and to to make your pickling operation "green".

Make the world a better one.

Pickling of stainless steel causes environmental problems for our ecosystem and generates high operational costs for stainless steel producers. With our REGMAX® technology, this is no longer an issue. For the first time ever, it is possible to transform all waste acid components into valuable resources - creating a closed loop of resources. By implementing our REGMAX® technology, we are not only making the world a better one, but also reducing your pickling costs.

"We eliminate waste acids from the global stainless steel industry!”

Fabian Storek / CEO

Our story

After several years in technical management positions at a major steel industry’s equipment supplier, Fabian founded SUSTEC in 2013. During first years SUSTEC was solely focused on consulting for acid regeneration plants, pickling lines and environmental tech for the steel industry with several projects executed on four continents. But there was the idea of a new acid regeneration process, being co-invented by Fabian earlier, that he couldn’t get out of his mind. His vision was to develop this concept to a proven and marketable technology and solving a problem that hasn’t had a sustainable solution for decades. After securing the IP rights in 2015, SUSTEC focused on implementing this vision. In 2019, this goal was reached with the proof of concept. To reach this target SUSTEC received valuable support through regional, national and European public funding agencies enabling the necessary R&D activities. Today, we market this technology under the name REGMAX® - Regeneration Maximized. REGMAX® has been labeled by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation as “Efficient Solution” to protect world’s environment and the “Mission Innovation Initiative” as “disruptive low carbon solution”.

Our milestones


Founding of SUSTEC


Technology Consulting

Projects with Arcelor Mittal Poland, China Steel Group, Corbion Spain, Ternium Mexico and Uganda Roofing Mills.


Accent Incubator Program

Incubator of Lower Austria

Seed Financing By AWS

Seed Round


Research Funding by Austrian FFG

Born Global Champion Award - WKO


Contract to build world's 1st REGMAX plant in Germany

Pilot Plant in small industrial scale


World's 1st REGMAX Plant starts its operation

Funding through EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument for large scale demonstration of REGMAX

Award “Efficient Solution” by Solar Impulse Foundation

Contract for 2nd REGMAX® plant signed

Upscaling of pilot plant to full industrial scale.


Award Mission Innovation MI4

REGMAX selected as one out of 100 disruptive low carbon solutions with a reduction potential of 6 Mt of CO2e per year.

World's 1st REGMAX Plant recieves FAC

After one year of successfull operation 1st Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for REGMAX recieved.

World's 1st REGMAX plant starts its commercial operation

2nd REGMAX plant build in full industrial size.

The erection of the 2nd REGMAX plant in full industrial size is completed.

Why we’re different.

REGMAX® is the world’s most sustainable solution for industries using hydrofluoric, nitric or sulfuric acids in their processes. With our solution, the generated waste acids are completely recovered and a closed loop of materials is created. While generating financial savings for our customers, the REGMAX® technology also improves the global climate and protects water-based ecosystems. SUSTEC is recognized as one of Europe’s SME top-class innovators by the European Commission.

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