REGMAX® Solution, Sustainability

*REGMAX Labled as Efficient Solution

Solar Impuls Foundation lables our REGMAX technology with the "Efficient Solution Label"

To take the success of the solar-powered flight around the world further, the Solar Impulse Foundation is selecting 1,000 solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way and awarding them the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label.

This label serves as a new and credible symbol that can be applied to products, processes and services and serves as a guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions, and affords a competitive edge to the innovators behind them.

Assessed by independent experts for their technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and economic profitability, a portfolio of these solutions will be brought to decision-makers to encourage them to adopt much more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.

Our REGMAX(R) technology is on of the very first solutions beeing awarded with the Effcient Solution Label.

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